There is an old Oriental saying that states: "It takes a year to harvest a crop, ten years to see the full beauty of a tree, and fifty years to make a man." At the Karate USA Academy we make it our mission to help students of all ages improve their lives through the martial arts training. We teach using two basic theories; spaced repetition and positive motivation. We understand that a person needs constant positive reinforcement for their hard effort and continuous repetition to help a student develop his/her skill. You will find our training taught with energy and excitement to keep students of all ages enthused for their next class. We start children as young as 3.5 years of age and have adult and senior students of all ages. Everyone can gain from the benefits of karate.

United Shorei-goju of America: Making America stronger one black belt at a time.

Welcome to Frank Harness Championship Karate USA.
Where the Entire Family Trains ... We Love Kids

Personalized Instruction for Men, Women, & Children.

Since 1993, we have taught hundreds of students in the Frankfort area. Students of Frank Harness Karate USA include men, women and children from all walks of life. We have trained several entire families.

The programs at Frank Harness Karate are goal-oriented, using positive motivation, which helps children learn "stick-to-it" attitude. The increase in a child's self-confidence and self-discipline is noticeable
to parents almost immediately. Most parents report improvement in concentration, which results in better academic performance.


Frank Harness Karate USA
58 West Washington Street
Frankfort, IN  46041
(765) 659-9623

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