Staff & Instructors:

Sensei Cody Harness (4TH Dan)

Sensei Cody began his training in 1995, following his father and brother into martial arts. After years of training, he earned his 1st degree Black Belt in 2006. Soon after, he began to teach classes, realizing that he had a love for instructing. In 2013, he earned his 4th degree black belt ranking. Sensei Cody has been helping train students, as he continues his training alongside them .

In addition to training his mind and body in karate, Sensei Harness is finishing a degree in computer programming, a career he looks forward to getting into in the future. He also dj's part-time as Dj Cryonic and devotes his Saturday evenings to working at a local youth center.

Logan Harness (3rd Dan)

Sensei Logan began his training in 1998 at the age of four. He enjoys working with and teaching the children classes. Sensei Logan specializes in kicking techniques and enjoys teaching others how to kick. His favoritearea of training is sparring and he enjoys competing in tournaments.

Bridy Colby (2nd Dan)

Mrs. Colby is originally from New Zealand and has lived in the states for ten years. She is married with three children. Two sons and a daughter all presently training with her. Mrs. Colby became interested in Karate after attending a women's self defense class taught by Master Harness. Mrs. Colby helps teach the younger children program and her goal is for the kids to have fun while learning Karate and life skills that they can apply to any situation in their life.

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