We offer two separate martial arts programs: one for children, and one for teens and adults. Regardless of your age or ability, we start everyone with two free weeks of beginning classes. These free lessons give the student a chance to learn about our teaching philosophies and what we have the ability to teach; at the same time we evaluate your strength, co-ordination, flexibility, and desire so we know what kind of training program you should follow up with.

Following this introductory program we offer a belt curriculum with special prices for family memberships. Classes start as early as 9:30 a.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m. A student should attend class at least twice a week to ensure satisfactory progress.

Once you have enrolled in our belt curriculum program, you learn to defend yourself as you are developing true confidence which is built through knowledge of the mind, honesty of the heart, and strength of the body. Short term and long term goal setting concepts and a positive mental attitude are major components of our Martial Arts training. Our instructors are second to none and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Please feel free to call or stop in our school for additional information or to arrange for your free introductory lessons .

Kids Program

The Children's program is for ages up to 12 years old. Their Karate skills are taught by Master Frank Harness and assisted by certified instructors.

The program is designed to teach a child, physical skills as well as life's skills such as good manners, etiquette, and morals. We believe and have proven that these skills increase a child's self-confidence and self-discipline and is noticeable to parents almost immediately. Most parents report improvement in concentration which results in better school grades.

There are many kinds of goal setting concepts and patches for the children that can be earned such as Academic Team, Attendance Award, Physical Fitness Award, Demonstration Team, and Competition Team.

We teach the children how to set goals. Mostly short term goals at first, so they can be reached on a weekly basis which will create a positive motivation system which helps the child to learn "Stick-to-it." We help them understand the more short term goals they accomplish; the closer their long term goal becomes a reality.

Our Goal: To make children goal-setters, trend-setters, achievers and leaders of our community.

Teen / Adult Program

Our Teen/Adult program is for ages 13 years old and above. They are taught by Master Frank Harness and certified Blackbelt Instructors personally trained by Master Harness.

We have found that our students' reasons for taking the Martial Arts are as varied as the age groups in the classes. Some people desire the physical workout and fitness that it provides. Some people attend for the self defense and or the self control and the self discipline the Martial Arts create through mind and body control. Our Martial Arts programs are designed to allow students to work out at their own pace and are never compared to other students or made to do things they don't feel comfortable with.

Some of the benefits you will experience in the Teen/Adult classes are the body toning and weight loss through exercising nearly every muscle in your body. This also causes a great tension and stress reliever for those who are under a lot of daily pressure. Martial Arts is actually recognized as the best exercise by the President's Council on Physical Fitness.

If you always follow the path of truth........... you will never get lost!


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